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Little Acorns has it's own 2 acre garden which is open to guests to relax or explore.


During the day you'll find a multitude of different bird species from Woodpeckers, Jays, Wrens, Nuthatches and, Treecreepers just to name a few.  Roe deer graze our wood and ponies and donkeys are often at our gate.


As dusk approaches you might catch a glimpse of some bats, you may use our bat detectors to listen to their communication calls.  You may also hear Tawny Owls getting ready for their nightly hunt!


In the late evening through the guest room window you will have the chance to see Badgers who come to feed or the local Fox taking his chance to steal some food. 


We pride ourselves on the diversity of wildlife we have here at Little Acorns and love nothing more than to share it all with our guests.

Deer in the garden

Deer in the garden

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Please check out our YouTube and Twitter channels for more information about the flora and fauna in and around our home.  

New Forest Badger
New Forest Ponies
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